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Behavioral Analog Topology Synthesizer
Optical CDMA Network Simulator (OCNS)
Persian Boy Names
Persian Girl Names
Extended Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol
Secure Multipath Adaptive Routing Protocol
Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol in 4G
Risk of attack coefficient effect on availability of adhoc networks
Game-theoretic model to mitigate packet dropping
Multi-dimensional correlation steganalysis
SVD and Noise Estimation based Image Steganalysis
Eigenvalues-based LSB steganalysis
Security Weaknesses in PGP Protocol
Performance Modeling and Optimization of MapReduce
Image Steganalysis of Low Rate Embedding in Spatial Domain
Modeling and Optimization of Straggling Mappers
Blind detection of low-rate embedding
Big Data Computing: Modeling and Optimization
Towards Stochastically Optimizing Data Computing Flows
Optimal Placement in Network On-Chip
Optimal Scheduling in Parallel Programming Frameworks
Node Architecture and Cloud Workload Characteristics Analysis
Thumbnail Generation by Smart Cropping
Stochastic Modeling and Optimization of Stragglers
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Vanishing Point Detection in Photo Composition Analysis
Aesthetic Rating for Photos
Shape matching for automated bow echo detection
Detecting Dominant Vanishing Points in Natural Scenes
Skeleton Matching for Severe Weather Detection
Discovering Triangles in Portraits and Landscapes
Leveraging big visual data to predict severe weather
IAAP Scholarship Award
Deep-learned Models and Photography Idea Retrieval
Maryam Mirzakhani, the mother who won Fields Medal
Calculate AT&T Shares in a Shared Data Plan
Travel Grant from CSE Department
CAGE: A Contention-Aware Game-theoretic Model for Heterogeneous Resource Assignment

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Image Retrieval, Smart Cropping, Aesthetic Scoring, Photography

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  • Security Weaknesses in PGP Protocol, F Farhat, M Heydari, MR Aref, 2013.


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Friday, September 22, 2017

Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol in 4G

Private Identification, Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol with Security Mode Setup

Farshid Farhat, Somayeh Salimi, Ahmad Salahi

Identification, authentication and key agreement protocol of UMTS networks with security mode setup has some weaknesses in the case of mutual freshness of key agreement, DoS-attack resistance, and efficient bandwidth consumption. In this article we consider UMTS AKA and some other proposed schemes. Then we explain the known weaknesses of the previous frameworks suggested for the UMTS AKA protocol. After that we propose a new protocol called private identification, authentication, and key agreement protocol (PIAKAP), for UMTS mobile network. Our suggested protocol combines identification and AKA stages of UMTS AKA protocol while eliminates disadvantages of related works and brings some new features to improve the UMTS AKA mechanism. These features consist of reducing the interactive rounds of the UMTS AKA with security mode setup and user privacy establishment.

Full manuscript > piakap

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Deep Learning in Photography

Intelligent Portrait Composition Assistance, Farshid Farhat, Mohammad Mahdi Kamani, Sahil Mishra, James Wang, ACM Multimedia 2017, Mountain View, CA, USA.

ABSTRACT: Retrieving photography ideas corresponding to a given location facilitates the usage of smart cameras, where there is a high interest among amateurs and enthusiasts to take astonishing photos at anytime and in any location. Existing research captures some aesthetic techniques such as the rule of thirds, triangle, and perspective-ness, and retrieves useful feedbacks based on one technique. However, they are restricted to a particular technique and the retrieved results have room to improve as they can be limited to the quality of the query. There is a lack of a holistic framework to capture important aspects of a given scene and give a novice photographer informative feedback to take a better shot in his/her photography adventure. This work proposes an intelligent framework of portrait composition using our deep-learned models and image retrieval methods. A highly-rated web-crawled portrait dataset is exploited for retrieval purposes. Our framework detects and extracts ingredients of a given scene representing as a correlated hierarchical model. It then matches extracted semantics with the dataset of aesthetically composed photos to investigate a ranked list of photography ideas, and gradually optimizes the human pose and other artistic aspects of the composed scene supposed to be captured. The conducted user study demonstrates that our approach is more helpful than the other constructed feedback retrieval systems.

Deep-learned Models and Photography Idea Retrieval